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The term Business Service Management was introduced in 2003 by American software company BMC Software as strategic goal of IT management and picked up from there by many analysts and software manufacturers. Intense inter alia employed to Forrester Research since 2006 with it. (Trend article, “Implementing BSM” April 18, 2006, Market Overview “BSM Is Coming Of Age: Time To Define What It Is”, 1 February 2006). The popular definition of BMC and analysts and positioning of the concept of BSM as an important element in the strategic alignment of IT is now shared by the market and finds use in various publications, such as in “Business Perspective: The IS View on Delivering Services to Business” IT Infrastructure Library version 2 published in 2007, and especially in the newer version 3 of the ITIL core publications
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Definition of “business service”: A business service is an IT service that is outside of IT in business visible or there a stakeholder (English, German: Claimant) has.
Definition of “Business Service Management (BSM)”: BSM dynamically connects business-focused IT services with the underlying ICT infrastructure. A business focused IT service can be an IT service or part of a business process, but must support a significant, identifiable business need.


With this definition of the term BSM is classified in the following environment:

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): A management approach to a service-oriented architecture of ICT.
IT Service Management (ITSM): methods that are needed to achieve the best possible support of business processes (BP) by the IT organization. The well-known locally de-facto standard is the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).
Process management (including business process management, BPM): The definition of the business processes that are supported by IT.


The environment shows that a BSM is to be embedded in a GPM. The relationships between the IT, business services as part of all IT services and business process must be documented and presented. The monitoring of these relationships is an end-to-end monitoring (E2E monitoring) understood in the sense of the user. Leading solutions in this area allow the measurement of the performance of business processes and thus the definition of service level agreements at the business process level – which goes beyond the classic Service Level Management in IT.

In support of an established BSM ITSM is necessary; represented by ITIL as the well-known de-facto standard. The necessary architectural considerations take place in the context of SOA. Only in this way can be implemented flexibly according to the dynamic requirements of the IT business.

usiness service management (BSM) is an approach used to manage business-aligned IT services. A BSM philosophy promotes a customer-centric and business-focused approach to Service Management, aligning business objectives and priorities with IT or ICT from strategy through to operations and continual improvement.” in Wikipedia

What is Active Directory?

Active Directory directory service from Microsoft for Windows domain networks created.
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2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 with the latest version of Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory
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